• Reaching for the top ...

Reaching for the top ...

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Climbing comes with numerous benefits. It is an all round sport and a form of exercise that uses every muscle in the body, as well as many, many parts of the brain!  

It is increasingly common that our children are spending too much time with their eyes glued to a screen, be it smart phones, computers, tablets or the TV. There is now more focus on technology than ever before and not enough ’get up and go’, which is proving to be adetrmiental to long term physical and mental health.

Schools are already ahead of the game in terms of providing opportunities for children to increase their physical fitness, but only a few have recognised the amazing benefits of introducing a climbing wall onto their school site. Climbing is one of the most developmentally important forms of play. It aids children’s mental and physical development, and has been shown to improve creativity, memory, and critical thinking abilities.

1. Climbing develops their spatial awareness, motor skills & memory

2. Studies show children who climb show higher academic performance

3. When children climb together, they learn lifelong social skills

If a school climbing wall feels like a distant dream, contact the Barge Group team. We can discuss with you the available options for your site, regarding suitable space and cost. We can design and build you a bespoke wall to fit your site.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact us at info@bargegroup.co.uk and we can manage the whole process from start to finish, including design, installation and ongoing maintenance.

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